You Are Beautiful (Lily x James)

James was anxiously adjusting and readjusting the picnic basket he prepared, waiting for Lily to arrive. It wasn’t much of a surprise that she had agreed to tutor him for the upcoming finals since they were pretty much friends now. He felt a small smile spread across his lips and shook his head, he sure was whipped. He sighed contentedly and fluttered his eyes close, waiting for Lily to arrive. Soon, he felt a tug on his picnic blanket and sure enough, Lily was sitting in front of him with a gorgeous smile adorning her soft lips. 
“Hi.” she shyly said, her fingers lightly tinkering the hem of her coat. 
“Hey. You came.” James tried to contain his happiness to a minimum, giving her a small grin. “You asked me to tutor you, so why not? Plus, I came here for the food.” she teased, eyeing the large picnic basket in between them. 
“Here I was, thinking that you finally had accepted a date with me.” James dramatically placed a hand over his chest, right above his heart. Lily rolled her eyes playfully, 
“This isn’t a date, Potter.” she lightly tapped his forehead. 
“Now let’s get to the studying.” Lily opened her book bag and took out 4 huge, hardbound books all brandishing the words ‘Muggle Studies’. 
“You said you didn’t know First Aid, hmm?” she asked, her eyes trained on a red hardbound book, finding the page on a Wizard’s take on Muggle’s First Aid. 
“Who needs First Aid when you have a wand at the ready?” James scoffed, laying down the plaid picnic blanket with his arms crossed behind his head. 
“Muggles who don’t have wands, probably.” Lily retorted, pinching his knee. 
“Oi!” James called out, sitting back up straight. 
“Let’s get started then.” Lily sweetly smiled on him.
“Alright, alright.” James sighed and sat next to Lily, who immediately started on the basics of the human anatomy. In the first half hour, all Lily had gotten was “Wow! There are bones in there?”s and “So that’s why!”s and some other things of the like. James really was amazed. He wished he had taken up the subject even before 6th year plus, more Lily time for him. He inwardly chuckled, listening to Lily drone on about the importance of First Aid.
“When checking if a person is dead or alive, first you have to look for a heartbeat.” Lily formally duscussed. “There are several locations in our body that the heartbeat is most noticeable, such as by our wrists and commonly by our necks.” Lily pointed the two locations out with her fingers. 
James mimicked her actions, his fingers grazing his neck and wrist. 
“Like this, yeah?” James asked, focused on finding the gentle thump-thumping of his heart.
“Well, could you feel a hearbeat?” Lily asked, leaning closer to him.
“Err, no?” James sheepishly smiled at her, scratching the nape of his neck.
“Then you’re doing it the wrong way.” she said, “Here.” Lily sat on her feet and reached her hand out to him, her fingers resting on his neck. James gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as her soft fingers grazed his skin. His eyes widenned as his heart beat faster and he was sure as hell Lily will notice it, too.
“There. Just the right spot.” Lily softly said, her eyes focused on the spot on his neck where her fingers met her skin. James felt the warmth of her fingers spread through his entire body, making his mind fuzzy with thoughts and his mouth dry as sand. Lily could feel his heart beating faster as every second passes by, her fingers never leaving his skin. 
She’s beautiful, James thought, with her hair down and her emerald eyes alight, her cheeks pink and her lips plump. She’s beautiful without making an effort. She’s beautiful when she laughs loudly and when she eats pancakes in the morning and even when she’s sleepy in class. She’s beautiful in simple ways no one can imagine.
“Lily.” James gently said, holding her hand still on his neck. 
“Lily Evans, you are beautiful.”

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